What Tire Pressure To Run On My Monster Fat Bike?

Fat Bike Tires are the one of the most important things on your Monster Fat Bike.

It determines your ride comfort, traction, maneuverability and pedaling efficiency (How shag you will be when riding! ).

In this article, we will guide you on what tire pressure to use on which terrain and how to determine the right tire pressure for your Monster.


Running Low Pressure on your Monster (e.g. 5 to 14 PSI):

Recommended for off road terrains (e.g. Mud, Sand, Off road trails)

+ very soft supple ride.

+ Great for comfort.

+ Higher Traction.

– Lower pedaling efficiency; you will exert more energy!

– Sluggish feel is the pressure is really low (e.g. 5 PSI)


Running High Pressure on your Monster (e.g. 15 to 20 PSI):

Recommended for urban terrains (e.g. Cycling on the roads, pavements, long distance cycling)

+ Firmer ride.

+ Higher pedaling efficiency: exerting lesser energy.

+ More agile feel.

+ Moderate Traction.

– Lesser comfort.


The Right Tire Pressure For Your Monster

Running the right tire pressures is a very individual thing. There is no one right pressure for all riders. It also depends on your comfort level, weight, riding styles etc.

In order to determine that right pressure, we strongly recommend that you start at the Max PSI per range as above and slowly work down the PSI range to find the right pressure that suits your riding style/terrain.


Ride on!

Ride a Monster!

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