Fat Bike: Does Weight Really Matter?

“Weight Weenies please navigate off this post else you will have a spasm” 😉

Modern riders are heavily caught up with the numbers game. ‘Mine is 11kgs!’, ‘Mine is 13kgs!’ etc etc. Does the weight of your bike translate to the amount of fun you have on it? Absolutely! You better enjoy it because you just spent a bomb on it.

Jokes aside, the weight of the Fat Bike does not relate to performance. Performance only relates to one factor. You!

A seasoned cyclist with a heavy Fat Bike, compared to the occasional PCN rider with a sub 11kg fat bike, guess who would win in an all out sprint?

With lightness comes compromise, a thinner material frame, a less durable material for your components, a less comfortable saddle and most often, less durable tires. For every gram reduced, there is a equal reduction in durability, comfort and safety. Unless you are a competitive racer where durability, comfort and safety are sidelined at the expense of winning.

Lighter Fat Bike = Lighter Wallet, this is the fact that all riders must comprehend. 🙂

Anyways, Fat Bikes were never meant to be lightweight. Just like road bikes were never meant to go off-road. And MTBs were never meant to go fast on road. Not that you can’t, but different bikes exist for different purposes.

So guys, in summary, forget about the weight and enjoy the ride!

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