Are Fat Bikes here to Stay? – The Fat Bike Trend!

girl-on-a-fat-bikeIt began in 2005, with the Pugsley by Surly. Originally intended for snow use, these machines are designed for low air pressure, between 7-8 psi, to help get the riders over punishing terrain.

At first, fat bikes looked strange next to the popular skinny-tired, single speed bikes hipster bikes. However, these bikes started to gain popularity, giving hardcore riders a way to keep enjoying their favorite sport in the depths of winter. It then expanded to beach and sand dune areas, naturally providing a quality ride in another harsh environment.

As the fatty’s gone through some weight loss programme, people began riding fat bikes through snow, sand, mud and even cross country single track. It was all about feeling invincible on the track!

Now, more than 70% of Fat Bikes dominate the backwoods. While enthusiast have the cash to splurge on high end full carbon bikes for the ultimate off road experience, others manage to have the same experience with entry level Fat Bikes models; cruising along the beach (East Coast/Changi Areas), or you friendly Neighbourhood PCNs!

There is a Fat Bike for everyone~

Also, once you go fat, you may never go back~ 😉

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