Fat Bike Weight Loss Plan – Session 2

Session 2: To Tubeless or Not to Tubeless

















Pretty sure many Fat Bikers would ask themselves this question at one point in time. To answer this question honestly, it all depends on you. You can survive with tubes and with tubes, its just a matter of preference. Read more to find out the advantages and disadvantages of going tubeless.

Going Tubeless approximately reduces the about 300 grams per wheel from stock tubes or up to 100 grams each from light weight inner tubes.


Why go Tubeless?


1. Reduce Weight (About 300 grams per wheel from stock tubes)

2. Flats protection

3. Can run even lower pressure


1. Higher maintenance (Sealant, Valve stem)

2. Messy installation


If you decided to go with tubeless, what would you need?

1. Rim Tape (Gorilla Tape or Scotch Transparent Tough Duct Tape)

2. Tubeless Valve Stems (Stans etc)

3. Sealant for Tubeless (Stans etc)

4. Sealant Injector

5. Lots of elbow grease and time 😉


Here is a step by step article on how to do it yourself with the above equipments.

How do I do it?


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