Fat Bike Weight Loss Plan – Session 1

In a series of Episodes, Monster Bicycles will be sharing with our Fans on tips on how to lighten your Fat Bikes.

In Episode 1, we will be looking at the cheapest and easiest part of all: Lighter Inner Tubes.

Cost = $40 or less
Difficulty = Very Easy

Most Fat Bikes come with stock inner tubes which are heavy weight (450 grams and above). Such heavy tubes increase the rotational weight and also, the total weight of the bike.

Changing to lighter weight tubes are a cheap and effective way of reducing weight on your Fat Bike.

Light weight tubes such as Q-Tubes or Specialized weight in at around 250 grams per tube. Thats 400 grams off your bike with less than $40 bucks!

Here are some tubes to consider:

Q-tube SL 26×2.4/2.7 259g
Q-tube 26×2.4/2.75 287g
Specialized 26×2.3/3.0 Presta 290g
Surly 1.3mm 388g

If you are even more adventurous, you can explore using tubeless! Reducing a further 200 or more grams off your Fat Bike.

That will be covered in another later article.



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