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Are Fat Bikes here to Stay? – The Fat Bike Trend!

It began in 2005, with the Pugsley by Surly. Originally intended for snow use, these machines are designed for low air pressure, between 7-8 psi, to help get the riders over punishing terrain. At first, fat bikes looked strange next to the popular skinny-tired, single speed bikes hipster bikes. However, these bikes started to gain popularity, giving hardcore riders a… Read more →

Why Ride a Fat Bike?

Despite the comical proportions of a fat bike, it takes only one ride to understand it’s appeal. The ultra wide tires create huge traction on slick and loose surfaces. Although heavier than most bikes and turn slowly, speed isn’t the point. The massive volume of the tires allows you to run air pressures so low resulting in floatation over sand, mud,… Read more →