Category: Terms and Conditions


  1. Limited Warranty.Monster Bicycles warrants the frame and rigid fork of each new Monster Bicycle to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from the original purchaser’s invoice. Finish and all other original components, parts, replacement parts, and accessories, are warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one month from the original date of purchase.


  1. Specifications. Monster Bicycles may, at its option, make changes in the designs, specifications or components of the Goods to improve the safety of such Goods, or if in its judgment, such changes will be beneficial to their operation or use.  Buyer shall not make any demand to include these changes in the specifications for their Goods. Monster Bicycles may impose additional charges to implement such changes if necessary.


  1. Delivery, Inspection & Acceptance. Buyer shall inspect all Goods and within three (3) days after receipt thereof, notify Monster Bicycles of any defects.  Else, a no response shall constitute final acceptance of the Goods and shall act as a waiver of the Buyer’s rights to inspect or reject the goods unless otherwise agreed. Monster Bicycles shall not be liable for any Injuries sustained, death, consequential loss, damage or other claims for compensation resulting from the operating of its products.


  1. Cancellation. Buyer shall not suspend or cancel orders placed with Monster Bicycles once a deposit has been given. Buyer has a maximum of 60 days to fulfill their order once a deposit has been placed for products in stock. For pre-orders, buyer has a maximum of 90 days to fulfill their order. Direction from Buyer to suspend or cancel any order may be treated as repudiation, making Buyer immediately liable for loss, expense and other damages sustained.


  1. Warranty Claims. All claims are subject to the following condition. The original Buyer shall make known the defect to Monster Bicycles and/or its Authorized Agent and if accessed to be due to manufacturing defect, shall proceed to the Monster Bicycles’ Authorized Agent for repairs/replacement if deemed fit. Replacement and/or repairing of the Goods (or the part in question) would be at Monster Bicycles sole discretion. Monster Bicycles shall not be liable to make Transportation arrangements to the Authorized Agent.


  1. Exclusion of other warranties. All warranties are void if the bicycle is modified from its original condition or the bicycle is used for other than normal activities, including, but not limited to, using the bicycle for commercial activities or in competitive events, such as bicycle racing, bicycle motocross racing, stunt riding, ramp jumping or similar activities, and training for such activities or events.
  2. Owed Payments. All payments owed to Monster Bicycles must be paid within a 30 Day period from date of sale. Any owing after this 30 Day period will be subjected to a 10% late fee charge.